Jaap Kamps is an associate professor of information retrieval at the University of Amsterdam, PI of a stream of large research projects on information access funded by NWO and the EU, organizer of evaluation efforts at TREC and CLEF, and a prolific organizer of conferences and workshops. His research interests span all facets of information storage and retrieval – from user-centric to system-centric, and from basic research to applied research. A common element is the combination of textual information with additional structure, such as document structure, web-link structure, and/or contextual information, such as meta-data, anchors, tags, clicks, or profiles. Current interests are in “IR for social good” by working on novel access tools for cultural heritage and political data, and by developing explainable and interpretable neural models for search and analytics. He has published over 400 papers in all major conferences and journals, which can be found at http://e.humanities.uva.nl/https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=bWlQ2uEAAAAJhttp://dl.acm.org/author_page.cfm?id=81100034443, or other repositories.