Digital platforms are one of the hottest topics coming out of the COVID19 crisis. Museums around the world are currently working on ways to move their offers online. At Badisches Landesmuseum we are building a participatory digital platform for sharing, learning, discussing and creating to bring museums and users together in conversation around current topics. The central question is: how can the museum become a creative think tank and maker space for everybody. We are currently working on the concept for this platform and will go into implementation over the summer. By entering this challenge you have the chance to work on a live project and your prototype might end up in the platform. You have three possibilities to enter this challenge.

Develop creative solutions for the existing concept:

Build prototypes for new platform modules to push the concept further:

Or you think of something unique and new that we don’t envision yet.

No matter which scenario you chose, with this challenge you will be working on one of the most relevant topics for museums and society at large right now. By building this platform we are not simply copying the physical space, we are creating digital formats for the new digital museum. If you are a fantastic team and want to help make museums become more exciting and creative spaces for everyone, or just work on cool tools for communication and co-creation, then this challenge is for you.


Judging Criteria

Each juror judges the submitted ideas according to their field of expertise. We have museum specialists, business innovation experts and IT developers. If your idea can convince the majority of them, you just might win.