Do you want to make the museum world a bit more interesting and fun with games? At the first hackathon x in 2019, a web app for escape games and scavenger hunts was created, which has since been further developed, is designed completely as an open-source project and is attracting a lot of interest from other museums even before its publication. The aim of the challenge for hackathon x – vol. 2 is to further develop the basic functions of the web app and to expand it with new functions: Are you an AR programmer and would like to develop a module for corresponding functions? Are you interested in Tensor Flow and would like to integrate a module for the recognition of images and objects? Are you interested in robots and would like to integrate an interaction module with several existing Pepper robots? Or are you an awesome team and come up with ideas that we don’t even see at the moment? Then this challenge is the right one for you and you can participate in the expansion of the museum into a stage for exciting and interactive games!


Judging Criteria

Each juror judges the submitted ideas according to their field of expertise. We have museum specialists, UX designers und game developers. If your idea can convince the majority of them, you just might win.

Technical Information

The web app is written in Typescript using Angular. The web app connects to a server backend also written in Typescript using Express and MongoDB; members of the development team will be present in the mentoring sessions.


If it should be of interest for individual modules, we will provide a large package of museum object data.