What is hackathon x?

hackathon x is a cooperation between the student organisation Hack & Söhne and the Creative Collections project, which is dedicated to opening up the Badisches Landesmuseum to the participation of its users and developing new digital concepts. Since the museum visit should not only be educational, but also entertaining and fun, the focus of the hackathon is on gaming in museums.

The background to the hackathon is the revolutionary new concept of the Badisches Landesmuseum: museum visitors become active users of the museum. For this purpose, the objects are made accessible in a digital catalogue and the admission ticket is replaced by a user card linked to a personal user account.

The heart of the new concept is the “Expothek”, which resembles a research laboratory. Original objects can be directly displayed on presentation tables, and digital workplaces offer the opportunity to research the objects. Digital features and modern technologies such as 3D scanning and virtual reality also offer innovative ways to experience culture and history. The concept is being tested for the first time in the new permanent exhibition “Archaeology in Baden”.

Join us and become part of this special hackathon! Let’s develop playful approaches to the museum, the collections or the existing digital infrastructure. A special extra: particularly exciting ideas can also be further developed or even implemented after the hackathon.

Note: On November 13th, our juror Sabiha Ghellal offers a workshop on the development of games in museums. The workshop is of course not a prerequisite for participating in the hackathon, but everyone interested is welcome. Click here to sign up to the workshop.

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© Badisches Landesmuseum, Foto: ARTIS – Uli Deck

What can you expect?

Work with motivated people and bring your ideas to life. You will join a team of up to 4 people to work on a hardware or software project. Our experienced mentors will support you.

After hacking for 32 hours, you will present your prototype in front of our jury. Each juror judges the submitted ideas according to their field of expertise. If your idea can convince the majority of them, you just might win.

Admission and catering is completely free. Apply now for an unforgettable experience, meet inspiring people and create some fun games.

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© Badisches Landesmuseum, Foto: ARTIS – Uli Deck

Who is Hack & Söhne?

Hack & Söhne is a German student-run nonprofit organization focused on coding and hacking. We try to bring a bit of Silicon Valley to the German computer-science and start-up community by disrupting the status quo. We do this by organizing hackathons, coding boot camps and other similar events.

Our team consists of students from a variety of backgrounds: computer science and electrical engineering, economics, business, and more.

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Who is behind Creative Collections?

Dr. Johannes Bernhardt is in charge of the Creative Collections project. After research and teaching at the universities of Freiburg, Mannheim and Bochum, he is responsible for the participatory development of new digital concepts at the museum. Since the beginning of his studies, he has been interested in digitization projects, questions of digitality and new methodological approaches. He has been at the Badisches Landesmuseum since 2017 and is still a gaming enthusiast.

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